To the New Moon

Deep, deep down in my entrails,

I am aching

Something is squeezing, writhing, turning and crying

out to be listened to


Listen I do, as I have no choice

neglected by generations of mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers…

the repressed voice of woman now rebels

from deep, deep down in my entrails…


I am responsible…

For it is rising up in me, crying out to be heard

To be felt, acknowledged and healed

So past and present may finally find peace…deep within


Pregnant, this universal gash, that lies waiting to be born

Must express at last…its rage

Nothing can stand in its way

Like the waves of an angry sea, it rises…


From deep, deep down in my entrails

It shakes my being,

So profoundly guarded, secret and denied

No choice but to shine a light into the dark


Homeland triggers the wound

Like a pistol to the heart,

Running so hard for so long

No more escaping, fleeing, hiding


Secrets cannot be guarded for eternity

Today they have risen

From deep inside my entrails

The past is born


I feel its pressure

Building up waiting to be expressed

Released, set free

So I too can finally be unleashed


The rage is the awakening

It impulses the birth

Of owning my own sadness

Of broken daughters, silent mothers…


Sorrow weakens the wrath and

Takes hold of my body,

The grief of betrayal seethes

Through my veins…


Facing the deep sadness

To die a death and

Rip away the cord that imprisons…

reveals a treasure


And so I learn to feel

to let go of the old and

With the darkness of the moon

I step into my future…softly !


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