To Gaia

Poem written at the period of Samhain when the veil between this world and the other are thin!



To Gaia

Merging with the sacred copal smoke
you rise slowly, spirallling and meandering
around the gnarled oak branches
and up towards the stars

I rest on the familiar forest floor
the sacred fire burns…still
slowly turning to ashes
I gaze into the last spark of fading orange warmth

A frozen shiver runs rhythmically
through my cells, as they touch your absence
Alone infront of the emptiness, tears
warm the bitter chill with their sadness.

For three cycles of seven
I hobbled through this heavy matter
carrying you with me, my betrayed child
angry and confused, hidden from the light

As the layers peeled away
the spiral of healing turned on itself
matter became lighter, my body knew it was right…
the time to face the aching truth .

Pardon me dearest one for calling and
then allowing them to up-root you,
for the violence in this act, I must own alone
responsible, I pray for your forgiveness

I strain to forgive myself
to allow the weight to lift and step into the light
My heart is heavy with the suffering
of your soul and the what would have been

Our long, silent, dark journey together
is now over, love has set us free
and this lesson of love I will carry for ever
in the truth of what was you in me.

I’m sorry and I will always love you!