Don’t forget about Dandelions

This article is not just about dandelions but all those plants that most people have growing under their feet or if not under at least near their feet. Dandelions, plantains, chickweed, red clover, nettles, yarrow infact the list is endless.

Being an earthy, planty kind of a person, the first and often only place I go to  when looking for remedies is where I live or in the near vicinity. I am very much of the belief that using what grows where we are growing and living is the best basis for ecologically sound coherent herbalism.

I am aware that many people are in cities and do not have pollution free, wild plants on hand and this problem brings me back to the understanding of how ‘herboristeries’ as they are known here in France or apothecaries in English grew in the cities. In these densely populated areas, there was a demand for medicinal plants, the apothecaries bought them from wild-crafters who lived in rural areas and sold them, often with medicinal advise to city dwellers.

The problem now is that large apthothecaries need large quantities of plants, these often come from Eastern Europe, no-one knows by whom, when or where they were harvested. As the vibratory level of humankind and earth increase, so too must the substances used to heal, feed cloth and heat ourselves with. What I mean by this is that a medicinal plant that has been harvested in a well chosen spot with intention, care, respect and thankfulness for the plant and its surroundings is in my humble opinion much more likely to ‘heal’ or help someone ‘heal than a plant that has been harvested on the other side of the planet in huge quantities by someone paid by the weight of the plant that he or she collects……every ounce of energy that has touched the plant from the picking to the packaging is held in that plant, we definetly need to be aware of where our plants are coming from. Read the rest of this entry »