1509030_314010622081134_2189344376686466980_nTheir arms hold on to each others bodies as if forever

a grip that pulses through the pain

of the past and into the core of their being

Holding tightly, love at last sponges up the hurt

heart to heart, slowly

the warmth revivifies the frozen tears

Trusting one another, bare and raw

Space in between for the wound to breath

soft tenderness fills the opening where their souls meet

Holding the other, down to the bone, skeletol, barely alive

love gently imbues its warmth

triggering a spark of new life

Hope shines through the crack in their fragility,

they delicately embrace

taking care of this new born opening

Gently, lovingly, they move together

encompassing their grief, holding the moment in suspence

tight in each others arms they find peace

She dares to believe in him

he in his own pain, holds them both in the homely softness

of their naked bodies, breathing as one

He takes care of her in a way she has never known before

She hesitates before falling into their union

and is caught safely by her new found trust

……in him


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