Some Musings on the subject of Herb Robert

This is a musing about Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum)…… please note nothing I say here is scientificaly proven,  remotely logical to many people or has any justification outside my own feelings and impressions.

I have dried Herb Robert once disastrously, the rubbery stems just wouldn’t dry howver hard I tried… a bit like the stems of Ramsons (Allium ursinam) when you dry them. I have never used it in practise, except in herbal tea form for myself and even then I didn’t really continue as I should have done. Having said all that it is a plant that I love and adore and I have hung around it for the last two or three years without really getting close. A bit like a person that attracts you for some unknown reason but you take a long time to even start to get to know each other let alone deepen the relationship. However this summer with my great friend and colleague Francoise Guinois-Pillet, Herb Robert started to reveal himself or maybe its more correct to say that we were a bit more ready to take his teachings on board. I speak about him as a person, but that is the way I feel about this plant that has such a lot of character . Anyway the first meeting was very strong and quite emotional, I felt as if I was meeting a part of myself…but then this plant does teach us about relationships and aren’t all relationships a mirror of ourselves. I unfortunately didn’t take any notes about this first contact…that will teach me to think I can remember it all. I did however come face to face with this plant again shortly after in England whilst teaching at Herbfest in Somerset, yes a huge, powerful example of Geranium Robert in the wooded lane near the venue. During our three day stay, I visited him regularly  and spoke about him to my herb walk group, at this point I felt that he was teaching about boundaries in relationships…sacred, personal space in relationship, instead of moving towards someone that you want to get closer to, step back into oneself and meet the person in oneself…not explaining myself very clearly here…real partnership is about two whole and seperate people who meet but retain their seperatness, there is no neediness. I don’t know if you have ever noticed that the flowers grow in twos and each flower has its own petiole, they are together but separate from each other.

On getting back to France, Nikki Darrell suggested that I distill some Herb Robert, why hadn’t I thought of that before….after the distillation I noted my reactions to the hydrosol over several days and here they are, excuse me if they repeat themselves occasionallly, I have just copied out the notes as they came.

Strong, slow regular pulsations. Relating to others, letting go of control in relationships, boundaries, no expectations, balancing, regulating. The hydrosol has an earthy taste. Teaching about relating – true relationship. Turning point from machine-like reactions based on survival strategies to truthful deep, workable relating.

“Diabetes is a way of getting around emotional backlog related to ancient patterns” .

red = incarnation, true incarnation is when we come to earth free from all this backlog -incarnation can happen 40 years or more after our physical birth ..or never.

Channels information – a messanger (One of the herbalists on my herb walk in the UK spoke about herb Robert being used chamanically for calling other plants – helps access other plants) a doorway and powerful allay.

Letting go of a desired outcome, no pushing, each one in their space.

Musty, shadowy smell, earthy and like beetroot – red – sugar levels

By releasing and letting go of desired outcomes, what is rightfully yours comes to you. Teaches to release and let go of desire and step back into yourself and your own space.

Very  shallow, fragile, nearly inexistant roots,  ‘I don’t need to be anchored with roots because I am the earth’

Doesn’t need to hang on, confidence with relationship to the earth. coming from a place without fear.

Standing back, taking a step back.

By the third session of tuning into Herb Robert things were starting to evolve – aromatic side coming out in terms of the hydrosol (less earthy) Seems to be helping me deal with sugar cravings – balancing glucose levels. This makes sense as craving sugar and sweet things to me seems to be a need for tenderness. Re-adjusting behavioral patterns in relationship should help with problems with intimacy and thus problems with substituting sugar for intimacy.   .

Something sexual about it – feels like we are bonding, the reiticence that has been there for so long has now gone and a bonding is developing. I am eveloping mself with herb Robert – I suppose I am ready to learn the lessons he is teaching me.

When I asked what his message was my pen wrote the following;

“My mesage is one of inner beauty and individualism – everyone has their own message and energy to express in the material world. Stand in your own space and the world will bring you all you need to be yourself and all relating will come from this point of authenticity -from this point of anchorage in yourself comes all you have been waiting for”.

Step back and look within are the key – the opposite to the way most of us behave – that is to say,  try and grab hold of what one sees on the outside – this doesn’t work and brings only unhappiness.”

So there you have my completely unmedical musings on Herb Robert….I do have a sugar problem and I don’t have much experience with tenderness so I think the next step is lots of Herb Robert tea…or maybe I should try tincturing it.



  1. purenotions said,

    June 10, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    I first found your Herb Roberts musings in 2013, and FB offered them to me today as a memory from this day back then.. a well timed message.

    Did you get any further in using Herb Robert? Did you make a tincture, or take it as a tea? Any suggestions if I’d like to work with it (for both, sugar imbalances and boundary ones 🙂 though I’m working the boundary ones out more easily than the sugar ones).

    • June 10, 2016 at 7:32 pm

      Hi, unfortunately I moved away and couldn’t harvest it anymore. Nikki Darrell an Irish herbalist I know has worked a lot with this herb – you can connect with her on Facebook, tell her I sent you

      • purenotions said,

        June 10, 2016 at 7:34 pm


  2. June 4, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    I know you wrote this post in 2012, but THANK YOU for this. I recently encountered Herb Robert in the woods and felt strongly drawn toward the plant. Your post helped to confirm the energies I sensed when communicating with the plant.

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