Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart by Julie McIntyre

  “Sex and the intelligence of the heart” nature, intimacy and sexual energy by Julie    McIntyre

  Edited by Destiny Books

 Nikki Darrell a great Irish herbalist talked to me about this book and by the few words she used to  describe it I instantly wanted to read it.

I have since read it twice, the first time, quickly, as I do with most of the English books I get my hands, its as if I am craving English words, English thoughts, so once I get my hand on a new book there is nothing stopping me. The only snag is that I get the feeling of the book and the overall message but in my fervour I miss a great deal of the details and subtleties, sometime later I come back to the book with a calmer attitude and read it again.

This is a book about sex, ecology and the inner self and manages to touch on many deep questions that concern us all. Julie’s honesty and they way she reveals her inner path are remarkable, I felt as if I was listening to a good friend chatting about her feelings.

The first question that comes up and remains a major theme throughout the book is ‘what is true intimacy?’’ Like many of the subjects that arise it comes back to breaking free from preconceived ideas about sex, our relationship to nature and our inner selves. As Julie says,

‘If we don’t own and take charge of our sexuality, someone else will. (Oh wait they already have.) It’s time to bring it all back to its rightful owners, to each of us as autonomous individuals. For you must understand nature Gaia is sexual, sensual and highly erotic. Nature is having sex all the time; that’s one of the reasons it feels so alive and its one of the reasons when we are immersed in nature we feel so alive.”

 We are frequently bought back to the link between our separateness from our intimate sexuality and our separation from nature, this isn’t a personal problem this is a global, ecological problem. Sex isn’t spoken about as a technique but as something sacred, humanity is feeling a great need to get back to recognising the wild sexuality of earth and this same pulse or life energy that flows from the earth through us all. Read the rest of this entry →


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