“Earth Wisdom” by Glennie Kindred

I bought this book at Herbfest 2012 in July because I was attracted to the chapters on the different well-known trees, their symbolism linked to different mythologies, their medicinal proprieties as well of the practical uses for esch wood.

On reading the book it struck me that beyond the wonderful pen and ink drawings and the tre chapters, there was a hive of intersting information related to ancient earth lore and different ways of putting these ancient practises into use in our lives today.

Much of the information including earth’s cycles, ancient celebrations and ways of connecting with all this were not alien to me but this book put all this info into a good concise order. I will definitely use it as a reference bookwhen i need to know something about one our ancient eart festivals or how to plant a certain tree from seed or xhich wood to use to make a sacred walking stick or wand…

Thank-you Glennie for putting all this down in a satisfying, logical and clear way accompanied by your beautiful drawings.


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